Website localization services: unlock global markets

Is your business’ website struggling to effectively engage with audiences across multiple regions? That’s where our website localization services can help. You can lean on us to produce high-quality multilingual website localization to make your brand stand out. Our team of experts assists in crafting and optimizing multilingual content on your websites

Create, launch, and optimize your websites in multiple languages

Websites are the go-to for a stable online presence for connecting with an audience. It’s a controlled environment where you can offer products, services, and unique campaigns. Your site is often where your customers get their first impression of your brand, and we make sure that it’s memorable with an effective website localization strategy. This results in more leads, conversions, and stronger relationships with customers regardless of their region.

Focusing on what matters
when localizing your website

Translating web content is just the first hurdle to connecting with an audience. Website localization takes this a step further, fully adapting your website for foreign markets. We know that localization can make or break your website’s effectiveness in a market. There’s a combination of elements we focus on to make sure we get the job done right.

Website content

Website content is any and all text on your site. This includes headlines, paragraphs, product descriptions, navigation menus, and blog posts.

SEO and Keywords

SEO is another part of localization that we focus our efforts on. This includes keyword research and optimization that’s relevant to your target audience in a market.

UI and UX elements

UI and UX elements are ever-important for any website. It’s often where users get a chance to take action in the way you want. We adapt buttons, error messages, and other interactive elements to match the linguistic and cultural context of your target audience.

Images and graphics

Images and graphics include images, icons, infographics, and banners. Localizing these to align with the cultural preferences and sensitivities is essential. It creates a fuller context for users, making it easier to connect with your web content.

Numeric formats

When following through with the localization process, you also have to consider adapting currencies, decimal separators, and measurement units to match local customs. This helps to create a more user-friendly experience.

Date and time formats

Dates, times, and calendar formats are sometimes overlooked when transforming content for new markets. We know it’s crucial, though, that the target audience face as few confusing elements as possible. Correcting these makes for seamless integration with the local culture.

How website localization provides a competitive advantage

Website localization services adapt your site content to the culture and language of users in your target market. This helps your business connect with your audience, increase brand loyalty, and overall leads to an increase in revenue.

You should consider that, in today’s globalized economy, website localization is an essential building block of proactive interactions with audiences around the world. It makes it easy to expand into new markets and simultaneously gain a competitive edge.

Need to localize an online store?

Take your online store to the next level with Smartwords’ eCommerce translation services and increase revenue-driving conversions across your global target markets.

Why choose Smartwords?

Seamless process

An end-to-end localization service means you don’t have to turn to alternatives at any step of the process. We work with the tools and file formats you prefer, making us a one-stop shop for all your translation needs.

Industry specialization

Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll find reliable experts on our team who can work on your content. From legal and business, to energy and tourism, we have you covered.

Attention to details

Minor mishaps in translation can lay waste to an intended message and even damage a brand’s reputation. Our translation services involve an intense and meticulous process, preventing mistakes and elevating your content simultaneously.


In order to scale your content to a wider audience, you need experts in multiple fields with the capacity to translate into any language. With our team, you get both, and much more. We build a straightforward and scalable process, with plenty of room for communication throughout.


Markets across various industries can shift unexpectedly. Ambiguities and spontaneous market changes make expedient but prudent translation output a major advantage for any business. Our team produces quality work in a timely fashion.

Personalized approach

Managing multiple clients requires an agency to be quick on its feet and able to rapidly adjust to a client’s needs and requests. We do just that and ensure that clients always receive exactly what they expect.

Make your brand global with our expert website localization services